How to set search/constraints based on more than one item a option set

Hello community !

Kinda stuck here,

I have a dropdown which gets its dynamic source from a table (class), in the source search I want it to only show classes with the option status (Draft, Registration and Completed). Currently I am only able to only select one item from the option set.

In conditions and search/constraints I have difficulty adding more than one item from option set.

Any suggestions or best practice to do this would be greatly appreciated :pray: Thanks!!!

Status <> Active (Open)
Status <> Active (Closed)
Status <> Archived

<> means doesn’t equal so this will show ones where its status is Draft, Registration or Completed


Thank you @georgecollier ! AWESOME - this works perfect! thank you ! I can do this for constraints / search.

Just curious, I am trying to this for conditions too… But it seems abit different , any idea how we can do the same for conditions? :pray: - thank u sir


For conditions

You should have AND not OR between each statement there and it’ll work.

Also, another route, and I have no clue if this is possible as I’m on my phone so can’t test but maybe you could try Current user’s classes status is in (Get an option: All Class Statuses:minus item Archived:minus item:Active etc)

Again I have absolutely no clue if Bubble allows you to do it but what it means is that you:

Get all class status from option set
Minus item for each of the options you don’t want to make this list only the relevant statuses
If Current user’s status is in the list of statuses above then do whatever you want

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