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Why can't change choices using condition of multi dropdown?

I am using the Multi dropdown choices plugin of bubble, it works perfect except that we cant change the choices anytime, any idea’s?

Could you elaborate your question? I can’t figure out the problem.

You don’t have an option to change choices in conditions.

What’s the condition?

Edit: yes Choices source can be changed even when the condition is related to the Multidropdown’s value

Choices(To change options when an condition happen) and why it’s logic?

So the condition is related to the Multidropdown’s value? Could you share the condition?

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 1.23.25 PM
Sure, and also it will be great if we can simply insert dynamic data directly.

Both value and choices are different entries.

That’s not the condition.

But if you’re using Static choices you can’t change the Choices with a condition.

Edit: you can’t change the Type of choices, so you should create an Option set with all the options, create an atribute (i.e.: set 1, set 2) to use to filter the options when you change the Choices source.

The user entries change which mean it’s not permanent, and the data fields are not list to set a search for options.

I use this data field for several functionalities and cant be a list.

@aldevelops, it’s very difficult to help without all the data, and with each new message, new data appears.

I will try your suggestion with search for() set and share more data if needed to, thank you for your effort.

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