Conditionally set Text depending on database entry being empty or not (backend) without using the "only when" option


I was wondering how to set a text depending on a condition that is not being evaluated at the bottom of a workflow but within the workflow (so I don’t have to copy the entire workflow just to check one single condition. The maintenance of this kind of copy&paste is just hard to maintain and no best practice).

The scenario:

I am setting the filename of a file in a specific schema within an arbitrary text:

current date/time_werteinschätzung_<THE CONDITIONAL TEXT>.pdf

The conditional text depends on the purpose of creating the file. it can contain either:

  • the creators last name
  • the name of a company
  • a user input string

The workflow itself is already running with an “only when” condition so I would really like to make the evaluation not on the workflow layer but within the arbitrary text.

Is this even possible?


Current state:

Just use the conditional expression directly in the text box, and use Format as text to define the text to use.

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Thanks a lot for pointing this out. This was somehow not on my mind. Works perfectly.

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