Conditionals with both And/Or Logic

Here I’ve attached a screenshot of a conditional I’m playing around with.

Out of the different possibilities I’ve tested, only when C & D are filled in, the text says “hello.”

It doesn’t show “hello” when A and B are both filled in.

Anyone understand what the logic is here?

Bubble just runs the logic in order (as if there are no parentheses to dictate the order of calculations).

I’ve found you need to come up with creative hacks to get this type of thing to work reliably and in a manner that’s intutive (so you can change it without breaking everything in the future).

For example, if you want it to be A & (B or C) & D …then you could add 3 elements to the page. Show element 1 if A is true. Show element 2 if B or C is true. Show element 3 if D is true. Then, in the original condition do if Element 1 is visible and element 2 is visible and element 3 is visible.

Frustrating and painfully tedious, I know.