Conditions aren’t working in my bubble app

Decided to start working again on a bubble app, and while testing it, I realized that conditions that I had previously made aren’t working. So for example, I had a condition in a group that would hide It if some other group was visible. I clearly remember this working before, but now, it just doesn’t seem to work. And there are many other conditions in my bubble app that aren’t working

share the app for help or screenshots at least

Here’s one of the the conditions that isn’t working,

image here’s the condition.

When a toggle is used, it turns gradient mode on, and when that happens, the group should appear, but it doesn’t for some reason. Even though I remember it working before.image

And here’s the workflow of the toggle to show that it should work image image

Have you tried to take a look at your condition with the debug inspector ?

Yes. The step by step debug shows the condition occurring, but nothing changes in the app, which is really weird

If you have a link to take a look, I will

I can’t give you a link you to it. I’ll record a video of the debug and other parts of it when I’m able to get on my pc.

how are you turning off the toggle; ie unchecked? It may be there’s a conflict there which is turning it off right after you turn it on. Best to use gradient? = Current Page website’s gradient? = no

There are only 2 workflows for the toggle, one when it’s turned on and one when it’s turned off. So there can’t be anything conflicting it.

The condition bug is happening to other parts of my site, including one relating to another toggle, and I fixed it by remaking the actions of the condition to a workflow. Which is pretty odd

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