Setting Conditions Off Seems to Do Nothing

Hey everyone…

Just want to be sure I understand this. If I click the “OFF” button above a condition, then I am assuming the condition will no longer operate on that element.

I just turned three conditions off, but wasn’t required to refresh the development page of my app, and the conditions still worked as they did before.

Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious about how this works?

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That button just turns the condition on or off for editing purpose, it doesn’t impact anything outside the editor. For example, I have conditions set that say something like, “When this element’s ActiveColor is White, change background color to #FFFFFF.” When I click “on” in the panel, that lets me see what the element would like like if that condition was true.

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Andrew is correct in saying its just for internal use, in the Bubble editor, to preview a condition on an element rather than toggling its active or inactive state for live usage. Your not the first to point this out. Thinking Bubble should maybe make it a tad clearer for users unaware of this e.g.

Or perhaps have something in the starter lessons to demo this.


Hey folks, thanks for your responses. Yes, the idea of turning the condition on or off just seems so obvious - that it would either be active or not - so I didn’t even think about it being a preview option. The preview sounds useful though, now I know it is there!

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