Conditions in date ranges? (Within Past 14 days, do this)

I am simply wanting to know how to add the function within the condition of a text element; Within the past 14 days, show this element. If I can understand that, that would be great thanks!

Figured it out using this video from Coasching No Code Apps on youtube ( Working with Dates in your App - YouTube ) at the 08:40 minutemark. So when adding conditions like this to an element within a cell and make it visible within the date range you would need to follow so:

  1. On When: Get the current cell’s/parentgroups data
  2. Select the creation date like so: parentgroup’s creation date/time
  3. Add number of days in the range then add the <-range-> function: Parentgroup’s creation date/time +(days) 14 <-range->
  4. Check if the range contains current date/time: Parentgroup’s creation date/time +(days) 14 <-range-> Parentgroup’s creation date/time contains point current date/time. This will check for date range and the contains point is searching if this is in that range and we are searching if the range contains the current date. If so, then change the property of the element if true.

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