Conditions on icon do not work

I have an icon within a table that I placed conditions on. When a current row’s thing1 IS NOT empty and thing2 IS empty >> change color of the icon to orange. When thing2 IS NOT empty >> change the icon and change the icon color to gold.

The conditions mostly do not work at all. For some rows it works, for most others it doesnt. And for some it worked for 1 day, then next day it switched to the wrong icon/color.

I have tried changing the logic a few ways and changed the order of the logic, to no good result. I have a constraint on the search for so that the Client = current row’s client. I’ve confirmed all the Things are present in the database. There is clearly a bug imo. Is there something I am misssing?

For context what I’m doing is clicking the icon to start a work flow that creates thing1, and the color change lets me know. Then when thing2 is created it changes icon/color letting me know thing2 is present.

screenshot of logic is here.

In situations where you’re not sure what’s happening like this one, what you’ll want to do is make sure debug mode is on and inspect the icon in the cell which is behaving in a way that you are not expecting.

You’ll be able to see the condition and click on each part of it and see what is evaluating as yes and no. It’s hard for us to know why your condition is not working as you want it to because none of us have the context you have for your page.

I can guarantee that if you pull out the inspector, you’re going to get this cleared up!

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks Jonah. I used the inspector with no help, but I deleted and recreated some data types and now it’s working as expected.

Hi @jonah.deleseleuc I thought it was fixed but its actually not. for some things it displays correctly and for others it does not. The inspector is no help because it is saying that a statement is true, when it’s false. I have confirmed the records in the database. example below, the review count is actually 1, rendering the condition false. Condition 3 should be True, but its saying false.
Do you have any other suggestions?