Has to be a bug - logic not working on icon and group

after 2 hours, I tried the logic backwards and it works… backwards :woman_shrugging: - this has to be a bug, right? no other explanation for this…

current user is saved in the database as:


the icon on page load with a conditional icon:


the condition:


the page refreshed


this is also impacting a “show/hide” group - it’s all working, but as long as I do all the logic backwards?! :sweat_smile: - my fear is that when this bug gets fixed, I’ll have to go back and fix it.

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You are only telling the element to work based on ONLY ONE of the two possible outcomes

That list can either:

  1. Contain an object (in this case … current user)

  2. Not contain an object (current user)

It does not matter what icon you are using (closed or not) … the element is only receiving half of what it needs to act logically…

If you assign the second possible outcome to the condition things should work the way you want them. :grinning:

All working now just because I didn’t have this damn box checked :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ok … got it. The icon is set to a type in the first place … so your are working on both possible outcomes. My bad.

Great that you sorted it out :grinning:

Thanks, @cmarchan - I did have that sorted though.

I think I will not delete this thread and let the world see how big of an idiot I am - AND, to keep it in mind for people in the future.


You’re awesome, thanks for always trying to help!

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Thanks for your kind words.

I am sure that most folks who have dealt with programming feel that precisely what you experienced have given them confidence on what they are doing,

This baby is about an endless merry go round of problem solving. It never stops but you get on it with more confidence each time around! :grinning:

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