Conditions turning off randomly

Is anyone else experiencing condition statements turning off randomly?

For example, last night I created “like” buttons using the heart icon that would fill in red when they were clicked. Tested it, it worked, all is good. Today, I’m noticing that those conditions are OFF on every page on which they were placed. I did not turn them off and no one else has access to my app.

I’ve noticed this behavior before. Anyone else having this?

I’m noticing that this happens to my test environment every time that I deploy it to Live/Production

Hey @projectvisionhealth :slight_smile: The “OFF/ON” toggle is used to view the property change in formatting for certain conditional statements in the editor only. I believe they all go back to “OFF” each time the editor is closed.

The change in the element’s style will happen in live mode based on a workflow/data change which likes that ‘Thing’ for the User, and then adjusts in style based on meeting the conditional statement you specify (i.e., “When Current User’s Favorite Books contains Current cell’s Book” --> Show Filled Heart Icon).

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So if I understand you correctly, the conditionals are all ON by default in live mode?

If the “When” part of the condition is met, then the property change for that element will execute regardless of the ON/OFF switch.The ON/OFF switch is only there so it’s easier for you to see what the element property changes will look like as you’re editing your app; the switch has no effect on the app in preview mode. :slight_smile:

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