Conditional goes off

Style conditional goes OFF all the time !
Could you help please ?

Hi @anas001122

So on an element, in the ‘Conditional’ tab you can create rules and turn them ON or OFF - however this isn’t for enabling the conditioning or disabling, its actually for previewing the condition on your app e.g. the style change how it looks.

So for instance, you could be working on your app and set a condition on a button, ‘When the current user is logged in’ the button isn’t clickable, but also changes to a grey background. You as the developer and designer, might want to preview how this looks/displays on your app. It could be on another background, so rather re-load your app and take a look at it in action, you can use the Editor and toggle ON and OFF the conditions. It doesn’t work for all available properties, but standard things like colors, sizing, shadowing, borders - it can all be previewed.

Hence, when you can page, these conditions will automatically turn OFF or reset, so that when you jump back to that page, you are not puzzled as to why elements have changed in their appearance.

To confirm the condition of ON or OFF is actually configured within the expression e.g. When current users email is ‘’ Then apply these properties. Its a yes or no answer.

Hope this makes sense, easy thing to look past.


Hello Luke,
Many thanks for your explanations.
I understand now the meaning of the ON/OFF button.
Have a great day

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Np. Glad to help shed some light :wink:

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