Confusing pop up warning message

Dear Community,

We have just recently started usign bubble to build our own webapp.
More or less out of the blue we start receiving the error message “Please include at least one email address in the “to” field” at the top of our test page or as a pop up when trying out things in the testing enivornment.

How can we figure out where this comes from? How can we find the field and figure out how to solve the issue?

Thanks a lot for the help!


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You should see a red issues count to right in the editor. Click on it to open a list if issues and with tour way through problems there. Somewhere you have used an action to send an email and have not filled in the send to field.

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Sounds like you have a ‘Send Email’ action somewhere that is triggering but with an empty ‘to’ field. In your Workflows, try to find a ‘Send Email’ action and if it makes sense based on what you’re trying to do, just delete it and it should fix.

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