Connect a Google Spreadsheet to my Bubble apps database

Hi there!
I’m tired to use the process of exporting a csv then import it in my Data tab. Ready to pay someone to set me up something that would connect my spreadsheet to my Bubble app.

Goal is that, each column has the same values as my App Data entries, and my full content would be on this spreadsheet: each time I add a new line or edit existing ones, it would send the info into my bubble apps database (development one).

I know it’s doable with services such as Blockspring, but I tried and did not make it, I’m too limited technically.

Anyone interested? Let’s talk :slight_smile:


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Sample of my current setup:

Hello @GammaMat,

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You can always use Zapier if your not tech savvy.

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Sounds like something right up my alley of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
Feel free to PM me or reach out to me on

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Yes that’s the kind of tool I’m looking for, thank you!
Did you do it?
I’m wondering exactly if the “tasks” counted by zappier are not too limited, even on the starter plan (20$ per month). If I update a column of 1000 rows at once, that’s 1000 tasks? Or just one?
It’s unclear to me. If it’s a 1000 tasks, pricing would be outrageous for my use :confused:

Yes every row updated would trigger a zap which would mean 1,000 rows would translate to 1,000 tasks. I ended up using the Google Api documents and teaching myself how to write a script which would send a POST request to my bubble api endpoint to update the record.

You can also explore another tool called and connect it bubble via Api

thank you so much, will look into it!
ok so zapier is definitely a no-go, too bad :confused:

(FYI, I found that SHeetsu’s free plan doesn’t allow writing to Google sheets. Sheetly’s free plan does)

There is a free Sheets plugin using a service key. Works great and without oauth.

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