Bubble.io to Googlesheets via Zapier

Hey everyone,
I’m working with a team and they’ve setup a bubble-zapier connection to googlesheet. The desired action is to update a new thing, when a user signs up to the bubble built platform, the user is saved in googlesheets, if their cell info is changed to a yes/no value, the user appears on all user repeating groups (a constraint was set up to only show yes values). This doesn’t seem to be working even with webhooks. Is this a privacy issue on bubbles end or is there something we’re missing when it comes to bubble-zapier integrations, i would really like to hear some thoughts on this. Also are they any other alternative solutions that come to mind?

have you found any solution to this ? @ojonimi177

Yes i did. I used Sheetdb instead, i turned the googlesheet into an api with sheetdbs and then connected that to bubble using the api connector. It gave me the result i was looking for. Are you encountering a similar issue?

Yes I am. Basically I want my bubble application data in tableau. I am using googlesheets to collect and store data for tableau to access it. I am trying this using integromat. Can you explain me how did you accomplish this ?

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