Connect domain to GoDaddy?

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if there are any updates on the GoDaddy dns configuration.

I followed Bubbles A name requirements and bubble is still saying it can’t find the records. But as far as I can tell they’re all listed in GoDaddy now:

Any help would be much appreciated. I need to setup the SSL certificate next I think, but I can’t get to that step because bubble says I’m missing
An A record that isn’t even part of the initial 4 … but that I’ve added anyway…

This is how to do it! Thanks dude!

This is what I did and still doesn’t work. Can anyone assist?

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Hi @martyn :wave:
Seems correct to me
This is my DNS settings

If you did it just now then you might need to wait up to 24 hours for this to work

Thanks! Works now. Took a while…

Very much help ! Thank you.