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Connect domain to GoDaddy?

I’ve read through what I believe is every forum related to connecting a domain and I’m not having any luck. My domain is hosted through GoDaddy, and I’ve tried connecting but have gotten numerous errors. I’ve also tried using Namecheap connection but that doesn’t seem to work either. Is anyone proficient in this and willing to help? Or recently connected your site? Thanks for reading, Christian

Okay so I solved my own problem. After spending hours on this, here’s what I did and it seems to be working :

for CNAME I used the WWW and the ‘’ as recommended. I also used an A name with @ as the host and for the IP address. That was listed on the domain/email tab or in the other directions but it seems to work.


This setup might work temporarily, but is not guaranteed to be stable as we are not able to provide a static IP for your A name at this time. We recommend that you check out our video tutorials and the Configuring DNS records chapter of our manual to ensure that your setup remains functional.