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Sorry I know there is another post for this, but it was from last year, and just wanted to make sure I am doing this correctly. I have a domain on GoDaddy pointing to my bubble application. Support recommended that I leave the www as a CNAME pointed at the @ record with the value of [bubble IP]. I haven’t quite been 24 hours, and I did make the change from having 2 A records as described in the manual. I guess I am just checking to see if I am on the right track. the messages I get are listed below.

And my records are set to this.

Type: A Name: @ Points To: myIP
Type: A Name: www Points To: myIP

I am getting a DNS error

The domain is, does the .us or any odd extension even matter? I wouldn’t think soI figured I would ask.
Thank you in advance for the help

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Interesting, I have always had better luck setting up subdomains (even www) as A Records. According to you should be able to verify the domain with Bubble in 90% of countries. Might be worth waiting longer to see if anything improves in GoDaddy’s end.

actually got it working. In goDaddy it isn’t 2 A records it is 1A record named @ then the CNAME www points to @ which is the same IP. I read that in a prior post but it took so long to propagate that I thought it wasn’t correct. Thank you for the reply.

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