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Connect one database with another

Hi, I’m having a hard time creating complex database system. In my app each user has his own multiple Workspaces, each workspace has a set of projects with tasks, which have different list of Tags\Notes that can be connected to projects and tasks.

How do I go about this with Bubble? I’m trying to find any useful information about this but it seems there is no functionality for such complex structures, yet they claim that Twitter clone was made with bubble… Than it means it can be done :wink:

Any help figuring this out will be appreciated :slight_smile:

You don’t need to worry about “complex” too much. You have pretty much described your data right there :smile:

User has a list of Workspaces (so Workspace will have a Creator) which contains a list of Projects which contains a list of Tasks which contains lists of Tags etc

Just try to describe it naturally (like a document) rather than thinking in “tables” - which is difficult at times I know. But is honestly the best way.

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