Help needed to verify the database structure

Hi guys,

The last 6 weeks I’ve worked on my first Bubble project, and think I’m progressing fine. Though I’m unsure that the database structure I’ve created has the right foundation for developing my project efficiently in the future.

My goal is to have an applikation where users can create, and be assigned to agencies, where they then can create and post listings.

When listings and agency’s are created users can discover listings (by filtrering on types, skills and agency’s), and discover agency’s by filtrering skills and listings.

The dump visualizes my current database structure

Anything I’ve missed or can improve? If not, then I can move forward on creating the workflows which provided me with some issues I think were connected to a wrong database structure.

Thanks in advance!

hey Gian!

That ain’t an easy task there :slight_smile:
To “verify” the structure, one needs to have a precise logical grasp of all the business processes within your app, to see whether or not you have set up the right set of connections and optimal amount of object\fields.

There are some best practices everyone’s better to keep track of, and I did not yet find a better summary of those than the good folks at Airdev did.

So my advise would be to check this out and see if you get any takeaways for yourself.
Cheers and good luck!

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Thanks! Yeah, that was my expectation as well, but I actually think that will help me a lot. Have had some difficulties finding valuable resources about this topic, so thanks for sharing. That can hopefully ensure that I don’t run into (too many) problems later :slight_smile:

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The biggest piece of advice I can share is to pay particular attention to this section in the AirDev explanation: “Linking objects together” and make sure you fully grasp this point: “A field vs. a separate object”.