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Hello Forum. New to Bubble and quite impressed with the frontend possibilities. Did not find a post on this issue so I start it here. We have a customs biz application developped in Filemaker. Filemaker is a bit restricted when it comes to interact with the web. The best deployment option being customs PHP publishing. But we do not want to spend money and time in PHP coding, considering also that filemaker uses its own PHP language…
Is there any puglin-in or connector for Filemaker planned or being developed by someone in the community?
At this starting stage I’m not sure if we could migrate the entire application into Bubble. A connection to Filameker would be an interim solution anyway. On the long run we want to have our biz application 100% web based and are evaluating Bubble on this aspect.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

We don’t have such Plugin. if they don’t have an API to expose data, it’s going to be tricky. I would recommend to migrate the data use the Bubble API to recreate it (or upload CSV).

Dear Emmanuel,
well we are running Filemaker with Filemaker Server and you can connect to the hosted databases via e.g. ODBC.

It seems there are some tools to expose a modern, REST API from a filemaker server.

If someone is technical on your team and can add that, you should be able to add the connection to your app with the API connector.

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oh great! I didn’t even think somebody had made these efforts and then publish them on open source basis. I will contribute to these guys in any case.
Now I will have to figure out your plattform first, but you have a new happy customer already :slight_smile:

I have been looking for a similar solution to create web and mobile front ends for filemaker Apps (I am happy with the desktop based apps in filemaker - dont want to change that, but want to be able to open this up more flexibly than filemaker Go.)

Just found out that with FM 16 they are have a BEAT of their REST API which will be free until 2018 and then probably charged for.

I’ve not looked into it in detail yet … info here …

Hi Emmanuel,

How are custom database connections created for Bubble?
Why isn’t ODBC an option for RDBMS access bearing in mind it would make Bubble RDBMS independent i.e., broaden supported RDBMS scope?

Note, there is a Node.js binding for ODBC that works absolutely fine across both macOS and Linux [1].


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