Create an API for the mySQL database

I am looking for a step by step procedure on how I can link bubble to my custom Mysql Database.
Whether using an API, plugin or anything, I really to do this fast. I really would like to connect to my mySQL database but I don’t know how to go about it.

Thank you in advancce.

You can use SQL Database Connector plugin but the development experience with ‘things’ is not the same as with Bubble native db - you have to prepare SQL statements in advance (SELECT, INSERT INTO…; as I could see these can be parametrized).

If you have RESTful capabilities on MySQL side, you can use Data APIs to send data to Bubble db. With workflow APIs it works in both ways. Anyway, you have to have some data in Bubble, otherwise there is not really a point to use it.

Just check the plugin, and the manual/reference for APIs.

Thank you very much buddy! I am really glad, Let me try it out. Blessings!