Connected social/service linked account info and assets

Feels like i’m going down the rabbit hole and there are other threads on “i think” the same subject but i just need to pose the question if anyone can qualify this in or out for me:

A user signs up to a bubble app using the native account approach not via social login.

Are there any options that would let the same user whilst logged in connect to their Dropbox, Box, facebook etc etc to retrieve info and retain that connection. Subsequently, when the user logs in the future point that connection to their given social account would be in place. pretty sure the answer is no was wondering if anybody knows of any fiddles or hacks ( I don’t really like hacky but when needs must)

I should just mention I am au fait with the API connector and Auth… Well enough to get myself into trouble

Yes, it was recently changed so that if you use a native account to sign up, and then connect via OAUTH, you don’t blat over the top of the native account.

There is one slight gotcha (which reminds me, I raised a bug on it) …

If you sign up with and link it to a social media account AAA (or in my case it was Mail Chimp) …

If you then sign up with and link it to social media acount AAA (i.e. the same one as above) you will get logged into

Don’t know if this is by design or it is a feature.

NIgel thank you. it was the “If you then sign up with and link it to social media account AAA (i.e. the same one as above) you will get logged into which was stumping me.

if I can just ask one more thing:I’m trying to think of this programmatically but I think I’m missing a step.

in my workflow… auser signed up going through the normal process.
auser then logs in doing their business… so ive added a workflow which then connects the user to whichever social media account and updates the current users info to denote this user is now subsequently connected to the given social media.

Auser now logs out…

Should I have some form of condition which runs a different workflow if when auser logs in again and the social media info is updated accordingly which would then add another step to subsequently connect them to their social media account (whichever is) again?

I get the distinct feeling and thinking far too low level here

@NigelG to your point, is it worthwhile me raising the same bug to see if I can solicit a response to the bug you have already raised

I am not quite sure what you mean.

You should still have the Token (or rather Bubble will).

yes i assume that when connecting via a sociallogin to an already logged in bubble registered account/user USER A the token is stored behind the scenes and associated to that logged in user USER A in this case

but when i log out and then log in as another user.USER B. separate device…clean etc and connect up to another account on the same social service… im automatically logged out as the second user USER B and logged in as the first user USER A but now im connected to the social service i had attempted to connect with USER B

NIgel i assume that my workflow should just be “signup/login with API” make changes to current user

standard api connecter… in this case google

Oh, that is very annoying. Will give it a test tommorrow. To be honest I had not tried logging out of anything !

But yes, you use the “Sign up” even though it isn’t really a signup.

What we really need is something that just links the Bubble native account with a social media account.

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Absolutely. I had a client ask for LinkedIn integration after their app was already well underway with real users, and I couldn’t think of a good way to do it that would work for existing users, too.

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although possibly low-level my approach to this ( thinking it foolishly my work) was to have a user signup through Bubble’s native process.

Then whilst that user was logged in use the signup/login to social network to connect that user to their given social account and then subsequently update the current native bubble users account to confirm they’re now connected. then use a condition which indicates if the native bubble user has a social network account connected then add that the workflow while logging in.

I was wrong!