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Connecting a mobile app built on react native to a web app built on Bubble

Hi everyone,

I have a unique problem. We have a native app on iOS and Android (built on React Native) and I want to connect some pages to a Bubble web app that I have built. Essentially, in the native app, when users click ‘Click here to Register’, I want to show them the Bubble app (responsive page).

I am not very well versed in the topic, but is it possible to connect a native app to a bubble app and let the users have the same experience? The reason why I am doing this is that I want to test features quickly and we already have a lot of users on the native app and I want to continue using that.

Thanks for any pointers!

Shouldn’t be an issue. Connect to your react app via bubble with api connector

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In your native app, you would need to create a webview (🚧 WebView · React Native). The webview can display your bubble app pages.

In bubble make sure you design the pages for a native mobile app (in the pages setting select this page is a native app, in application setting–> general–> iOS setting make sure you hide safari component and disable the user zoom, make sure you use plugins for mobile actions like swiping. etc…)

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