Connecting Bubble and Adalo

Hi all

Has anyone been successful at posting from Adalo into Bubble using the Data API?

I have no problem retrieving Bubble data in Adalo, I just can’t seem to figure out how to POST into Bubble from Adalo.

@jcalvarezjr, I finally got it to work today.

I struggled for a while because I had not realised that a data type without any privacy rule doesn’t allow data creation via API. It is actually mandatory to create privacy rules (even if allowing everything for all roles) in order to tick the checkbox “Create via API”.

Does this help? Otherwise happy to share the complete setup, but I think you are stuck at the same point I was.


Hey @Lucien

So I was able to get around it by creating a Zapier Webhook in order to POST to Bubble from Adalo. I kept running into issues on the Adalo side. However, I’ve been unable to assign the thing that was created to a user in Bubble.

Where you able to assign your POST data to a user?

I was able to define an object, including a User, as a custom field, using the unique ID. But I guess that’s not what you’re after.

To have the “Created by” field properly filled with a user object using the data API would require you to authenticate as the user first (Bubble reference here). Adalo doesn’t support third party authentication yet, so I don’t think this is currently doable.

This being said, an easy workaround I can think of is to use a custom field (of type User) to define the user, not the native “created by”. Throughout your app you would then use that custom field when you want to display the creator. Would this work for you?

Yep, that’s exactly what I did. I just created a custom field (i.e. email) and used that as the “created by” replacement. Updated all of my app to use that as the “creator” and it’s working well.

I may eventually transition off the Zapier Webhook and go the direct Adalo -> Bubble route, but I couldn’t setup Adalo’s POST part of the External Collections flow.

What did you use for the POST results key? This is what Bubble requires but I had no clue how to set it up in Adalo.

“Typename” is the Bubble table/collection you’re POSTing to, but I’m stuck at the results keys.

{ "key1": value, "key2": value }

Great. Just a suggestion (but maybe I don’t totally understand your setup) that it may be better to pass the user’s unique ID (optionally attach the User object as a whole) instead of the email address, as the email address could be changed at any time by the user.

I did not need to set any results key for the POST call. I simply used Adalo’s create action and defined the object’s fields (which are known to Adalo thanks to the initialization process during the setup).

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Hey i figured it out from watching this video on youtube.

#1 - You have to go to the Plugin section in bubble and download the “Bubble API Connector”.

#2 - from top to bottom

API Name = Whatever you want
Authentication select " Private key in header"
Key name = Authorization
Key value = Bearer “your adalo api key”
leave development key value blank, and dont mess with shared headers or shared parameters.

Directly under that fill out the rest:

Name = Post
Use as: “data”
Data type: JSON
select “GET” in the dropdown menu
Paste in the https:// url of the collection ID you want
Headers Key = Authorization
Value = Bearer “your adalo api key”
click the “private” checkbox

Key = Bearer “copy/paste key from adalo api documentation for the parameter of what you want to change” - leave everything else as is and play with putting different codes in this for GET and you should crack it fast.

Value = “your adalo api key”

click initialize call and badabing your up and running.

found this + Adalo: Building The Perfect App (Working with API and Adalo API) - YouTube