Connecting Bungie Destiny 2 API to my bubble app

So I was bored and decided to make a inventory manager / community hub for destiny 2 players as like a fun side project and after getting my API from bungie I am having difficulty connecting some of the factors. I went to the GitHub for connecting to apps and it has this huge list of things that need to connected to work properly for it to work. I don’t know if I need the full list of it (probably). I am mainly wanting to connect just the destiny to stuff along with a way for my app users to connect their bungie account (where I’ll need the User connections). I know this may seem like a really complicated issue when it comes to it but I need some help understanding how to connect the more complicated stuff that requires parameters and responses. I figured since it’s mainly browser based I could just autodetect in the header and it has worked for a few of the API connections the rest doesn’t want to work or connect.

If anyone has done something similar that required you to add a list of complex API data please let me know so i can figure this out. I thought it would be a cool take on 3rd party destiny companion apps. Thanks!