How to create a network of connected apps

I want to create a network of connected sub apps. Looking at user adoption, trust and scalability, my best bet would be to create a master app with sub apps for each new client. Now I also want to be able to connect these client apps to each other so they can reference another apps database, get and post data to multiple apps.

The idea is as follows. A new client can buy our software to run projects by themselves. However, being a part of this connected network allows them to very easily work on other client’s projects in a certain role. If there was no connection, User A would have to create a login for User B so User B can work on a shared project in the app of User A that is owned by User A.

In this connected network scenario, User A and User B belong to the same connected app network so whenever user A starts a new project it can add User B as a collaborator. User B will be able to manage the project from his own app but ideally no data is duplicated.

User A creates a ledger to keep track of costs and User B just adds costs for his part of the project.

I’ve had a try with the app connector and I know there are still some issues to be resolved with it (at least the last time I was in touch with support) and I’m not sure if this usecase is a good fit for the app connector.

Maybe a centrally organized DB getting information from apps through the API connector? But I’ rather keep the whole system decentralized for security reasons.

Has anyone done anything like this? Any thoughts? Thanks!

It seems like this is very similar to @philip question

@philip did you get any further with this?

Does anyone have any experience with this? Maybe Bubble team can comment on this? The documentation around the app connector as well as the team plan is not clear about this. @neerja?

Not sure how helpful my response will be… But hate seeing people alone in a thread!

It feels like this can be done without subapps, using privacy settings and self created roles of some sort.

In my app we have something similar, albeit probably not as complex. I group users together through a data type I called “instance”. Any other data type that needs to be restricted to an instance, has an instance field and has privacy controls that only allow access if the instance of the item equals the current users instance (a field on users). Anytime the system creates a new item, the instance is set but after that, searches etc. only return results for the instance because of privacy.

Some things are user specific, some are instance. We also are starting to look at having a role that would just be another field to drive more privacy settings.

Seems like you could group people together in the same manner without having to manage sub apps and logins. Users could grant access to their “instance” with an appropriate role.

If this sounds like it might work, let me know and I can explore it more with you.


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I already have something similar as you proposed currently. However, this new situation is one step above. Instead of one app to control everyone, there will be just sub apps so each client has its own environment.

Now other users need to log in to an app from another user/company to work on a project. At some point I want to keep everyone in their own (sub) app so they can manage native projects as well as shared projects in there.