Connecting SAP B1 through API Connector

Hi, I just recently stumbled over Bubble and love every bit of it so far!
I have a bit of past experience with web development and I like to dive straight in, so I set out to build a business app for my company that I’d like to pull certain data from SAP Business One.

I couldn’t find a lot of detail information on this topic in regard to SAP and there’s only one post on this forum that mentions SAP where it’s just suggested to do a connection using the bubble API connector.

The SAP B1 Api is the so called “Service Layer”. Basically a web server that handles incoming OData based HTTP requests.

This is how the architecture looks like:

So here’s the issue:
I’ve got the relevant technical documentation from SAP, but I don’t really know where to start within Bubble. Since I’ve never really worked with API calls, there’s obviously a lot to cover and I’m willing to put in the time required to learn stuff and share findings.
I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction of how to approach this problem and if possible link relevant learning ressources etc.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Sandro,

did you manage to connect B1 to a bubble app?

Looking forward to use B1 in the near future and have the same question like you.

Hey Swen,

unfortunately no, we didn’t use Bubble to solve the problem we had at that moment.
But I imagine you would better off doing this through a codeless or low code backend platform such as Backendless or Xeno, and then connect those to a front facing platform such as Bubble.
I even found a tutorial on how to connect backendless to bubble (link below), though you still have to figure out how to connect SAP b1 via Rest to the backend. Unfortunately useful resources on B1 are quite scarce…

If it works out for you though, would appreciate if you’d let me know.
Best of luck!

Hi @SandroBach Did you already find anything else about this?

Best Regards.

Rafael Lima.

Has anyone had any success connecting to SAP. I have a similar project coming up.