Connecting to Lemlist API

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to connect to the Lemlist API but having the same issues with the header being wrong. When using curl in my CMD everything works fine, however from the Bubble API connector I can’t get it to work.

Two questions: 1. how would you go about connecting to this API, and 2. what if I want my users to be able to sync their data with this API? How would I set up the headers and params?

Here are the API docs:

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I got this to work using HTTP basic auth. Is there any way to set this up for my users with variable parameters for the HTTP info? Meaning they supply their API key, which then gets populated under ‘password’?

Here’s what it looks like now:

You cannot use Bubble auth part if you want your user to access their own account with this kind of API.
You will store their API key in DB and use something like

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Thanks (as always…). I’ll give this a shot now!

Edit: that worked, thanks again @Jici!

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