Console error on live app that does not occur in test app

I am experiencing the following error on my live app on page load:

Got an out of date version in _reload" at Object.cb at run.js:8

This error does not appear on the version-test app or cloned versions. Once this error is thrown, it proceeds to repeat itself until the console hides further errors. I’ve ran the app with ‘&bubble_safe_mode=true’ and ‘&bubble_no_third_party_plugin=true’ which did not stop the error. I have also checked the syntax of any custom HTML elements both on the page and in the header code settings section to no avail.

Cloning the app DID fix this issue (on the cloned version), which would lead me to believe that there is something wrong in the Bubble JSON. Am I off-base?

Would exporting the JSON from the cloned app into the original app possibly fix this issue?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback or guidance!

Anyone? Bubble support has been less than helpful here, unfortunately.

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