Errors in Console...Bubble or App Developer Caused?

I’ve seen some errors in the console of different browsers…they all seem to be different but are all from the same page when it is loaded…

I have no idea what they mean, but it looks like they are related to images somehow…They do not seem to affect the functioning of the app, and are not available in the debugger so I am at a loss on how I could resolve them.

Console Errors Microsoft Edge Console Errors Google Chrome

Are these issues that are caused by how I developed the application or are these things that are out of my control?

The first error is probably caused by a deleted file in AWS Check to see if you have an element that is using this file.
other error may be related to different thing. It’s harder to debug just with the message.
In Bubble, you can preview an app in safe mode. Hover the preview button and some options will appear. You can use preview without plugin and this may help you target if the issue is caused by a plugin or not. After, you can clone the page and delete plugin one by one until issue is gone.
Normally, Bubble have a specific error message for plugin error too.

Seems like the image I uploaded as a default image for some reason was deleted (not by me)

I cleared that and then checked and issue still was present. Then I deleted in the image element itself a default image based on a conditional and deleted it from the file manager, but issue still pops up…

Then uploaded a new default image and the issue still existed.

Noticed that a font awesome icon that is styled inline in a text element meant to look like a button has an issue rendering the font awesome icon

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 3.11.11 AM

So I deleted that text element, but that didn’t solve the issue either.

I then deleted the image element on the page and that solved the issue, so I was able to isolate…then looked at it and saw the settings of the datasource in the conditonals

Thought it would be the default image and deleted, but didn’t solve the problem…so then looked at changing a conditional for user profile image.

The first one I changed and added when ‘user is logged in’

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 3.19.52 AM

and that fixed the issue with the image.

Then looked at all 3 browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Edge again to check on what seemed to be different errors, and none of them report any errors now.

Thanks for confirming it was image based…seems really strange that it is needed to add to the conditional the ‘user is logged in’ to get the issue resolved as it seems unnecessary since the current users profile image would be empty since they are not logged in.

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Image maybe set to private or privacy rule may applied.

No privacy rules and not set up to be uploaded as a private file. Seems like just a strange issue.

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