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Constant non-user workflow

Hey! Is it possible to run any workflows from a conditional daemon or server and not from users?
An example is recording the number of users online to the database. To mark a user online, I just write the current time in the “onair” field once a minute, so those who have not updated this field for a long time are considered inactive. But to collect these labels for their counting and recording the database, a constant process is needed, which will be executed every few minutes not from each user, but by the server.
I found a loophole - I start the process of counting tags and recording from one user who is the last active one, but it looks like it is not the most correct move.

Why don’t you do this on user side?

Create a “Do every 5 minutes” action to record the “Current date/time” of logged users in their database.

In the admin side, do a “Search for” users and filter by those who have the “onair” field >= Current date/time - 5 minutes.

Yes, you can using a scheduled workflow from the server that check that number periodically and store it in the database.

Yes, this solves the problem if I need to display the count of users per page.
But also, I want to show a graph of active users for an hour (example in the picture). For this, the count and time must be stored in the database, right?
How can I make the workflow of recording the count of users run, for example, every five minutes once, not from 800 online users?


Can you please explain how to make the API start every few minutes, but not by every user - I can’t understand

To collect those labels build an API workflow that executes itself, calculates the number, store it and at the end it schedules itself in x minutes, and schedule it from the app admin dashboard.

Thanks a lot - looks like the right way!