Hiding Elements when DOB is too young

So right now I am ponly working on the registration page and trying to let people know that certain features/mature content won’t be seen if their age is less than 18 years old. Which in days is 6,575. I have this much and thought it would work but after testing it does not. What am I doing wrong?

Younger than 18

Older than 18

Don’t divide by 365
and get rid of :floor I don;t think you need that

one other suggestion, have the element hidden by default, and only show on condition, so you only need 1 condition statement


Okay, I will try this when I get home. I do have it not showing by default. Hints why its not showing. The only reason I added it was for troubleshooting and still couldn’t get it working but thanks.

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Yeah, still having issues

Is this what you meant?

Why can’t you do current date minus 18 years is > input date

The terms are backward.

It needs to be current date - DOB

Once I do - I can’t just put a number.

Thank you for your help. I got it working now.

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