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Constraining content

Hi guys!

I want to show ONLY the Publications of the current page user in his profile.

I am using a repeating group inside a group, and also incluiding a group inside each field of the repeating group. This is order to organize an arrange “levels” and also help responsiveness.

PLEASE! What constrain should I use to achieve my goal to SHOW ONLY POSTS CREATED BY USER in his profile page.

Note: I have set a Type for Posts, and related it using a List of Post (field) in the User type. This is to optimize the search in the future.

I know you guys will help me! SO, thanks a lot!!!

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Hi @juan.roberto.garzon :slight_smile: You would define the Type of Content of the profile page to be ‘User’ and then your repeating group’s data source could be: Current Page User’s List of Publications (assuming after a Publication is created, it is then added to the field within the User called List of Publications (type: Publication, list: yes). If you do that, you won’t need a constraint since the data source will be the Current Page User’s List of Publications which they created.

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Im trying to show the users posts as well on a different page. This isn’t helping me and I really need it! Thank you

Can you share a link to your app?

A link to the editor? Or the Preview

To the editor is great (and set to public)