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User profile data visibility and correspondance

Hi everyone!

I am building an app very similar to facebook in certain functionalities, like lists of friends and posts.

Now, I am having trouble displaying the right content in each user profile. I get to see the same data for all profiles, and instead, obviously , I want the profile to display the correspondent data to the user that created the profile. So I can visit other users profiles and see their info, not mine over and over again in all profiles.

I hope I was clear enough to get your help guys. Thanks in advance for your help!

Have you by any chance set fields on the profile page to “current users name” etc? If so, change to “current page users name” :slight_smile:

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Hi pnodseth! Thanks for your reply

Yeah! I was placen current user instead of current page user. But now that I changed it in all fields. Nothing is displayed. I see no content on the profile the fields that are supposed to show me the info of the user (owner of the profile) :confused:

You have to send profile data to the profile page.
Let’s say you have a repeating group displaying every user. When you click on a username you want to be taken to his profile page. You would then have a workflow that says "Go to page “Profile Page” and in “data to send” you would put “current cells user”.
Be sure to set the “Profile Page” type of data to “User”.

Just solved it! I had to relate the group to the user constraining it to the user id to be equl to the page user, and then make the content to display the parent group info accordingly. Thanks again for your help pnod!

Oh, now that you are helping me bro, I want to make a button to display only when the current page user is different to the user. I want to make it a button to add as a friend. But I cannont fin the way! Do you know how to condition the state of the button?

Sure :slight_smile:
On the button, go to “conditional” in the inspector. Set it to “when current user is not current page user” this element is visible
And then add another condition saying “when current user is current page user” -> this element is not visible.

Nope, it didnt work :confused:

No, wait!It DID work! I was missing to check a box! Thanks a lot mang! :smiley:

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Suddenly it stopped working, Now I see the button. I am having trouble displaying the right information at the right time. :frowning:

Do you think you could give me a hand and check it out? I have been trying this for a while now, and honestly I m starting to get frstrated :confused:

It would be of great help!