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Constraint, field1>field2 help needed

I’ve created a thing, “Shirt”, and a page:

Shirt has a few fields:
Shirt Type
Store One Min QTY (the minimum number of that shirt to stock at this store)
Store One On Hand (the current number of that shirt in stock at this store)
Store Two Min QTY
Store Two On Hand
Store Three Min QTY
Store Three On Hand

On the page I want a repeating group that displays any shirt type that has less on hand than a store’s minimum.

For example, if all stores have more than the minimum for a shirt type it will not display this type in the list.
If one, two, or all three of the stores have an on hand qty that is less than the min qty, then that shirt type will show up on the list.

Basically, I planned to do a three-part merge of searches with constraints like:
Store One Minimum QTY > Store One On Hand

I can find the first half of that formula but I cannot figure out how to finish it using the options listed in the constraint box.

I’d really appreciate any help on this!

I completed the part you were missing, it should work but try testing it.

There is a lot of possibilities hidden in bubble, you just have to use logical sentences as operations and be creative with bubble.

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