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Constraints are not working, what am I missing?

Take a look at the Screenshot, but it does not seem like the constraints are working. I’m able to get Conditional rules to change the text to add (FULL) on the end of it, but I would prefer ones where the Quantity(number field) > the number of Matches_active(number field) does not show up in the list. I’ve tried doing >, <, greater than and equal to, and less than and equal to. They all don’t seem to affect the outcome of this Repeating Group. I’m happy to provide any more information if it helps to figure out why this is not working. I’ve even tried deleting the Repeating group and resetting it up, and it ended up doing the same behavior.

Hello, I’m still having issues with this and can’t figure out why it’s not working. I feel like it’s the Quantity part that’s the issue, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve tried doing Quantity first or doing Matches_active < Quantity. I’ve checked the data and the Matches_active is equal to the Quantity, so it should not show. I’ve also gone through and replaced the status field to be a Option Set to see if that was the issue.

The idea is if the person is offering 2 mentorships(Quantity) once there are 2 or more Active Matches it should not show anymore in the RG. I can get conditions to work that change the text to add “(FULL)”, but I can’t get it to not list in the RG.

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Hi there, @eric10… I’m definitely not trying to “take the easy way out” with this suggestion, but any time I have something that I swear should be working but isn’t, it frequently comes down to privacy rules. So, the first thing I would check is to make sure you don’t have any privacy rules in place that are getting in the way of the desired result.

Aside from that suggestion, it’s not really possible (for me, at least) to help troubleshoot this one without a lot more screenshots or access to your editor. I would want to look at the data types, the actual data in the database, the parent group that is referenced in the screenshot, and the conditions that change the text to add (FULL).

Anyway, I know this response isn’t all that helpful, and maybe one of the other folks you tagged will see something I am not seeing. That being said, if you are able to share more info, I’m sure we can get it sorted out.


No privacy rules on any of this, but while prepping Screen Shots I think I realized what might be the issue, but not sure how to fix it.

The Parent Group is just the Group that’s holding the Repeating Group, so it makes no sense to compare to that.

What I’m trying to do is to get it to look at each record and compare two fields in the same record to compare, and only show records where the Quantity(the number of mentorships the person said they are willing to offer) is > the matches_active(how many mentorships they already agreed to).

How do I get it to look at each entry and compare it’s Quantity with it’s match_active? I feel like this is should be simple and I’m blanking on it.

Nevermind, I figured it out. It was similar to an issue I had before. I have to use a filter and then Advance to be able to compare it to itself.

I’m slowly learning this stuff. Thank you for your help.

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