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Repeating group ignores constraint

I am creating a ticket system for a company, I have a page which displays all tickets, I need to create a second page which displays the history of tickets created by the currently logged in user. For this purpose, in the repeating group I have set a constraint that the email in the ticket must be equal to the email of the currently logged in user, but still all the tickets are shown

Just double-checking, those conditionals are not changing the data source are they?

No, they are used for sorting.

Sorting of the data source?

Might be handy to screenshot the conditionals :slight_smile:

I have two dropdown inputs one with values Completed/Not Completed and the other Newest/Odlest

BINGO - there is your problem :slight_smile:

You are changing the data source with these conditionals :wink:

What those conditionals are saying, is if any of the ‘when’ statements are met it will return all tickets that meet only the constraints you’ve put in that conditional data source.

If you’d like all those conditionals to also return ONLY the ones for current user as well as either ‘completed’ ‘not completed’ etc, then add the constraint ‘customer-email=current user’s email’ to all your conditional data sources :slight_smile:

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It works, thank you very much for your help in solving the problem, I completely overlooked these conditionals

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