Constraints Menu Keeps Closing

Has anyone been able to find a fix for the constraints menu constantly closing?

Pretty frequently as I am going into an expression and adding constraints to a expression the menu just closes. And I keep having to reopen it and go back to my place.

This can happen multiple times per expression and it is very tedious.


Hey @dbom009 :wave:

It’s annoying for sure. Please do a bug report so Bubble can fix it. I experience the same thing.

And I thought it was some bug with my mouse, like double clicking or something. :thinking:

Nope. Not just you. :blush:

Also noticed this one the past couple of weeks, happens from time to time.

What about the 4x4 px elements when we drop them in the editor?

@Newed I notice that with clients that have slower connections normally. Also, a mouse click thing possibly. Not sure if it’s a bug though. :man_shrugging:t2:

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