Right-Click Menu Not Disappearing

With the new changes to the options panel as a user right-clicks and element, I’m now experiencing some issues with it for the first time in years. On some applications, once I right-click, it simply just doesn’t disappear. This is only happening on certain applications and has just started happening within the last 30 minutes.

Is this just me or is this happening to others, also is there a way to fix this or to have a work around?

For context; I’ve disabled adblock, updated browser, tried different browsers, restarted the browser service processes. It would just seem this happens on specific applications.

Update: Seems like this is only happening in Chrome

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It’s not just you, @michaeltarallo34, I’ve been seeing it over the last couple of days as well. It makes it difficult because once that right-click contextual menu gets stuck, it essentially disables the edit menu, it disables copying and pasting, and you need to refresh the editor to get back to development. Doing that every 10-15 minutes or so can really slow you down. Just as you, this is the first time I’ve experienced any problems with the right-click menu.

I’m also using Chrome. I’ll submit a bug report right now.

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I appreciate the reply, that’s a relief it’s not just me!
I couldn’t even get the menu to operate properly after continuous refreshes.

I’m currently developing using Edge as we speak for the sake of production.

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Looks like this is a bit more widespread than we thought. Here are a few more recent threads I just found on the same topic:

And the solution is in there as well, which I’ll try now:

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That helps for insight! Surprised it’s been going on for as long as it has- almost a month now.

I tried searching for similar threads before making this post, couldn’t find anything, but I suppose I am a little new when it comes to this forum :sweat_smile:

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This happened to me a while ago as well, support told me to clear browser history, cache, cookies, etc… and it would be fine. I just opened up firefox and started working it that instead. It seems to have happened after a chrome update.

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Yes, this just happened to me for a 3rd time and I promptly did a full evac and emergency protocol on my Mac Studio so al is good now, but I did think of defenestrating my computer during the process.

So far the biggest corollary that I found between this is that when Chrome is overtaxed and used in an irresponsible way.

So things like draining your RAM with 100+ tabs, running other apps that consume too many resources alongside Chrome and also building reusables that are too large inside Bubble.

This doesn’t happen to me when I keep things to a minimum. This evidence so far is anecdotal and needs to be confirmed and further QA tested by the community.

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Sounds like a band-aid fix for an unoptimized / untested new addition if you ask me.

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