Consultant / Developer: Create an XML File

Hello fellow developers,

We are a UK based bubble agency, supported by Natwest Accelerator.

We are looking for development / consultant support within our business. With Bubble growing in demand, we are finding ourselves a bit stretched. And some requests coming through we are a bit unsure of, but we are sure that due to Bubble’s infrastructure, we can generally find a solution, but it takes time.

So I am looking for people / agencies, that are willing to carry this aspect of our business. Dependent on the offering, we are happy to pay per job or by the hour.

An example task, that we need to find a suitable solution to:

Create an XML file like this, with data from the database. It will be one xml, with a list of data pre-filled within the page.

Developer Docs:

Example Output:

Now this may be something simple, that we have overlooked or really difficult to implement. Either way, we are willing to offer a paid working relationship, to project manage and come up with solutions to tasks like these.

If interested, please PM and let me know how you would plan to solve this problem, how you would tackle this and what are your expected costs.

Also feel free to ask any questions.




Were you able to find a way to create an XML feed in the way you were looking for to post on Indeed?

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Hey @wegetdesign @shivpatel2021 did anyone manage to do this?

Create a simple Python API that takes the necessary data as inputs and just formats it correctly and returns the file

Edit: I appreciate that’s technically not no-code but for such a simple API if you can’t code, you can still pay a freelancer $200 on Fiverr or ask ChatGPT to do it for you.

Bubble can now return XML with return data API no need to go external

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Oh it can? Awesome