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Good day,
we are a new startup and have already successfully built our first platform with Our platform consists of a marketplace where things can be offered. Therefore it is possible that for example 1000 things have to be displayed at the same time. On the other hand, each thing has about 50 data entries, so a high-performance database is also required. Now we ask ourselves whether Bubble is the right tool for us for the next extensions.
We are especially interested in questions regarding database performance and displaying a lot of data (on a kind of marketplace).

We are therefore looking for someone who can advise us on these issues. For this you should already have many years of experience with Bubble and also have done large projects in the area of web platforms, especially marketplaces.

We would like to talk to you for 2-3 hours about MS Teams or Zoom. It would be best if you speak German.

Hi im interested