Maximum number of users / messages / data

Hi, I love bubble and have used it for a very simple basic ordering system for inhouse use. I am however wondering where the limits lie. I find bubble REALLLLLY slow even for this little project I did, Im sure I must be making extra calls etc that are slowing it down (I´m a newbie) but even the projects i am seeing on zerocode etc, all seem a bit sluggish.

My question is: if I make a fully blown marketplace website, with users, courses, forum, instant messaging etc… Where does the database limit lie. If you get 100 users, selling 5 courses each each with 10 people and intermessaging each other 10 messages a day that quickly adds up to nearly 20 million messages. Is bubble ever gonna be able to keep up with rapidly sorting through that? I know itd be a great problem to have, 20million messages is crazy optimistic but lets just imagine you get there…could it actually handle it in a decent manner or is it going to hang and take for ever to sort through all those messages? Is it a matter of organisation of the database that would make it usable or is it just all too much for bubble?


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Lot’s of people have Bubble apps running at scale.

Anything running on the shared resources (so below Professional) tend to be a bit slow. Things that have reserved server capacity are faster. And you can always add more hamsters to your plan. Or even have a dedicated server.

Database organisation is key, however. If you running lots of searches within searches, then you can get into issues that no amount of server power will solve.

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Thanks. Can you point me to any websites at scale that use bubble, I cant seem to find a list of such projects. :slight_smile:

I cant see any there. Unless u mean is actually a bubble app, but i doubt it :thinking: no? is built on bubble.

no way! thats pretty impressive. how did they manage the drag and drop functions of the editor and everything. I´m stunned :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Pretty sure the editor/builder is not built on Bubble.:thinking:

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I’d guess that the parent website hosted at is built on Bubble, but not the editor.