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Scalability and data retrieval performance using Bubble or Mysql database

Hello Forum,

I am looking to build a web application (and later mobile) application on bubble forum. It will have 10 tables with a 1,000 to a 100,000 records in each. It will be required for the tables to lookup / join on to each other basing on some logic.

  1. Did anyone use the bubble’s database at such volume and is it built to handle such volume ?

  2. Or is it better to plugin a MySQL ? Even if thats the case, since my sql is a plugin , would it standup to this workload ?

  3. I will also have 5,000 images and a 1,000 video clips. Perhaps thats a little too much to get from bubble or mysql plugin database ?

Your advice is appreciated .

I would look on the thread Bulk Operation's Not Completing if you are doing bulk uploading of data there seems to be some issues there. Also @JustinC seems to be building out a large dataset and could probably shed some light on this.