Container width greater than page width

I somehow manage to get the Container wider than the page when trying out different page widths in Responsive mode.

When enterering Responsive mode all is fine:

When I click a device button to change screen width or drag the resolution handle I get this:

What am I not getting? :blush:

Have you set an element minimum width or fixed width and then changed the default page size?

I have tinkered around so much I’m not sure(!) But I will redo the page and see to it that I don’t stumble on what you said @DaveA. Thanks!

Found the fault. I had manage to set the page minimum width to 99 % (of 1200 px). :blush:

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I have the same problem as @philledille and yes, guilty as charged - i did set elements to minimum width and/or fixed width and then changed the default page size.

Before heading to forums, I made so many changes trying to figure out the problem. So right now it all a bit messed up :frowning:

Now my page does not at all respond to “responsive design” . It looks okay at tablet and desktop but anything lower and the page just gets eaten up in responsive view.

Any suggestions?

where can i find this setting?

Woa, I would say this issue is obsolete as per the new responsive engine.