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I am trying to filter on a product name in my search for stores that contain certain product names.
I have been reading through the documentation and this forum quite a bit.
I do not see the operator: contains keyword ? All I see is the : contains operator.

My advanced filter looks like this:
Advanced: This company’s Company_Products: each item’s Product_Name_EN contains Input Search Keyword’s value

Input Search Keyword is afield in my page.
Company_Product has a field that is called Company Products (it’s a list of data type store products)
Each product in Store Products has a text field called Product_Name_EN

Looks like “contains keywords” isn’t available in advanced filters… just in the regular “Search for” box and in :filter.

FWIW… if you can keep everything in the “Search for” box, that’s best, since it will all run server side (=fast and scalable). “:filter” and advanced filters execute client side (on the user’s browser) and so the speed bogs down as the data set grows.

Thanks ed727.
I am quite a rookie at this. Sorry, I don’t understand your statement for "keep everything in the “Search for” box?


I have absolutely no clue what I am doing wrong.
Here are my data types in detail.

  1. Company

  2. Store Products

  3. Company

  4. Store Products

Here are the details of my search:

Result is blank, no companies found.

and the Company search is:

In your screenshot, the search constraints you’ve put in the box that says “Search for companys” is a server side search. The box that says “List filter” is client side.

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