Is it possible to perform a case insensitive search?

The above screenshot shows that we are performing a “Do a search” operation in the Repeating Group.

However, the results that the contains function provides are case-sensitive. Can we override this to be case-insensitive?

Hi @syedammar07 :wave:
I think Replacing contains by contains keyword do case-insensitive.

The Contains keyword method is not exactly case-insensitive. It is not even specified in the document

Anyways I tested it out and it did not work.

Sorry if i misunderstood…
Well if you are searching the whole word then contains keyword should work for case insensitive…
I agree its not mention in the docs…

You can refer to this discussion…
As @cmarchan is an expert of bubble

@mikeloc or @adamhholmes can help (They are experts too)

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This thread comes to mind when this topic comes up.

Spoiler alert: you won’t find a silver bullet in that thread, but it’s probably still worth a read.

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FWIW, “contains keywords” is case insensitive. That’s how it works in my app, and this has previously been discussed on the forum. (I agree, though, that this should be spelled out in the Bubble manual, since it’s a very important difference between “contains” and “contains keywords”.)

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