Content disappeared in the floatinggroup box

I have an issue with the application. I have a floatinggroup box with a lot of fields/buttons and it was working fine and displaying everything, but somehow, in trying to edit the design of the box, everything disappeared and I cannot get it to display anything when I preview :frowning: I tried to replace it with a new element, tried to clone it and fix it, tried to re-arrange the fields (send to back, bring to front), but nothing seems to help. Has this happened to someone? What can I do?

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Can you share a link so that other can see?

This is the link to the page:

Can you give a link to your editor? Have you checked to see if your contents is not behind the floating group?

Editor is:

I checked all the layers, removed to check what’s there, tried to re-arrange… We’ve been trying for days, can’t figure it out :frowning:

I tried to open the link but it doesn’t want to. Is it a public app?

It’s a private app, I am not sure how to show you how it’s setup?

If you want to you can temporary make it public and change it back later or make a copy of the app and make it public and delete it later.

Ok, made it public… here’s the current page. Again, the floatinggroup is not displaying any of the content

I have no idea what’s going on.
I did the following

  1. Created a test page with floating group and button and it works
  2. Placed a new button within you floating group and it disappears
  3. Created a new floating group and placed a button in it. The button disappeared.
  4. Placed a new group on the page with a button and it works fine.

Try and recreate the page (in a new page) and see what it does because it’s working fine on other pages.
It might be a bug on that specific page or a setting somewhere that I can’t find. Sorry that I couldn’t help. @emmanuel might be able to find the fault.

Thank you for the help! It was originally a different page with the same issue… so this is a new page and still not working :frowning: @emmanuel, can you help?

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Yeah, I just tried messing around with this too and it looks like floating groups aren’t displaying anything inside of it. I changed it to a group and it will display there, but you chose floating for a reason, so we’ll see if @emmanuel can help.

I also tried and failed.

What is the name of the floating group?

It was floatinggroup customer but was changed to a regular group as I see in this thread. I’d like to use a floating group but as soon as I do that, all content won’t show up. I had the same issue on other pages but it started end of last week. Could it be a bug?

Well can you create a bug that has the issue and file a bug report? That way we’ll know, otherwise I can’t really tell.

I put the floatinggroup back in there. It’s called floatinggroup customer. I don’t see any content when I run it.

We’ll push a fix later today, sorry about that.

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I think I’m having the same issue.
Was this solved in any way?