Content is overflowing text container in repeating group cell

Hey everyone! Still pretty new to Bubble and am currently building out a repeating group. However, I’m having difficulty with a text box. Specifically, the content of the text box is overflowing the size of the text box. I would like it to simply cut off the content if there’s too much content for the size of the text box.

It usually cuts the content off but in this repeating group it’s not. Here are screenshots of the editor + preview. I’ve spent nearly an hour trying to troubleshoot but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hello @aqcmar

:number of characters


Without seeing your repeating group layout settings or the settings of the text element, my assumptions are that your repeating group is set to fixed layout, which is why the height of the cell doesn’t expand to fit the entire text element displaying the details that overflow.

Additionally, your text element likely has no max height setting and is definitely not fixed height.

So, without explaining how to change the repeating group settings, and focusing on the issue of the text element so that the content gets cut off instead of expanding height to display all the content, simple fix is to add a max height to the text element…normally in my apps, if my font size is 16 I put max height of 20.

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