Content needs to change based off user location/selection

Hello Bubble community.

I’m building a website and need some of the content to change based on the user’s location for regulatory reasons. Items such as Button links, text, language and images. For this, I was attempting to add a dropdown within the header for the user to select the region they were in with the default being there country based on their IP or geolocation.

I wanted to have both a popup on page load as well as a field within the header and then I would go into each text/image element and change the conditional state for when the user is recognized in a particular country or they have selected a specific county.

The issue I ran into is that I can’t reference the header (more importantly the specific dropdown to select the region) within the HEADER when I’m attempting to change content on a webpage through the use of bubbles “conditional” oscillator. A workaround I found was to move the dropdown “region selection” onto the page (but I feel like this isn’t the best way) also when the user makes a change to the “selected region” it doesn’t transfer to the other pages so the user would have to do this every time they visit a new page.

Any thoughts?

I suggest you to set a thing on the header like User
And update Current user to store data about location and region selection. After that, you can use this for your conditionnal.

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