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📑 Content Preloader - New Plugin from Zeroqode

This plugin allows you to show animated placeholder elements while the user awaits for the content to be fully loaded. This significantly improves the user experience and gives the feeling of loading progress. Most of the top apps and websites employ this technique, for example Facebook, Asana, Slack and many others.

For documentation please click here:

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page:

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Good day Levon,

I’m using this plugin and it works great. I just want to check with you if there are any way I can show animated placeholder triggered by workflow?
The main reason is to hide a famous “issue” with RG. For example user1 is selected, so I can see his friends on the list and when I selected user2 to check his friends, the previous user1 data still remains on the screen for a second. This is very annoying and doesn’t look nice for UX.


Hi, @oleksiy!

Thanks for reaching out!

We can give you a hint that might be helpful in achieving your goal. Please note that the following images are only for illustration purpose.
In the workflow when the Page is loaded add the element action- Display list and choose the needed ReapitingGroup

Then when the button is clicked in the first step add the element action- Clear list in the RepeatinGroup

In the second step start preloader


In the third step set state for preloader


Then add the condition for current cell

To be able to display the other data. Previously was displayed current cell’s text and after the condition was triggered would be displayed the current cell’s title.

Then the forth and the fifth step is to add a pause before the next action and display list in Repeating Group

Hope this helps!
Zeroqode Team.

Good day,

I’m appreciated for your input and time you spend to put it all together, but this doesn’t work for my case. I have tried a numerous time with a different options.

Maybe I didn’t explain well enough what I’m actually trying to achieve, so here is a bit more details.

  • My app is a single page app consist of groups only and I show or hide them with a state accordingly.
  • I have a groups which contain RG with all my friends.
  • When selected cell with one of my friends is clicked, then “profile” group shows up with RG where I can see his list, which contain two books. While books are loading I can see a preloader animation and then books shows up already with a title and pictures. All good up to this point.
  • Then I click back button which is hiding a group with selected friend and shows me the list of all my friends again.
  • When I select another my friend, then “profile” group shows up with RG where I suppose to see 3 books, but instead for a second or two I can see 2 books from the other friend and one book with a preloader animation.
  • In about 2 seconds data is refreshed and I can see 3 new books belong to selected friend.

I’m using a state to pass the selected user data to the group and RG as a data source. Previously I used a display data, which is much more slower.
So the group which shows a friend “profile” is a same for all users and I just update user data using a state.

There was quite a few threads o the forum and explanation from Bubble team that this is the way it works at this moment, but as a workaround I was hopping that I can trigger to start preloader from the workflow to show the placeholder for 3 second. If I understood correctly start and stop preloader workflow is to enable or disable a preloader animation when the page is resized. If this is the case then it works as it’s been tested the other day, just out of curiosity.


Hi, @oleksiy!

Thanks for your clarification and feedback.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide the exact solution with regards to this use case, because is more related to the bubble itself. Apologies for the inconvenience. You may post a separate request on bubble forum regarding this use case.

Not, exactly. Start and Stop plugin actions enable or disable a preloader animation when the data is loading (images, data from database etc). But if after the page is resized there is something need to be loaded then the plugin will work as well.

Best Regards,
Zeroqode Team